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Contrary to popular belief, making an accident claim is not too hard a task. Obviously, in order to be eligible to claim compensation, the accident must not be your own fault. If it was you the one who provoked the accident, not only you can not request compensation, but you can expect the other people involved to sue. That's why you have to be innocent if you want to make an accident claim. The most important aspect of such a claim is eligibility.

No lawyer will take your case if it is not a probable winner, and I'll tell you why: nowadays the most competent solicitor firms go by the no win no fee policy. This is a legal agreement between the client and his lawyer which stipulates that if the case is not a winner, the attorney does not get paid, in other words the client doesn't lose anything. So you can understand why lawyers will tell you from the start: "I'll take your case and we will win!" or, in other unfortunate circumstances "I'm sorry but there is just not enough evidence to make your claim successful". Lawyers will not waste time with impossible cases - nobody likes to work for free.

And this saves a lot of hassle and confusion for the accident victim too. Why should you start a relatively long legal procedure if the chances of getting compensated are slim to none? That's why this conditional fee agreement is used often these days - it saves time and money for everybody. And making an accident claim is only normal.

If you claim, you ask to be compensated for the personal injuries you ended up with after the accident, and the damage your property has suffered. It's not ok to leave things as they are and to decide not to claim, just think about it: somebody was negligent enough to make the accident happen, and because of this you got physically hurt. So go for it: make a compensation claim! But you should know this: the claim procedure starts right after the accident! There are some things that you should do right there at the scene, in order to assure that your claim would be successful.

Gather evidence! Yes, that's right. You have to think in perspective. If you act smart and make some pictures at the scene, and you write down personal details of the people involved for future reference, your injury claim will have 99.9% winning chances. Who knows what personal injury you end up with? Anything can happen during an accident.

How about if you get a whiplash type injury? That can have serious consequences on your body for years and years, and it is difficult to spot. Thus, you will want to go to a doctor to get a thorough medical assessment. Concluding, there are 3 steps to follow if you want to claim accident compensation: Get evidence form the scene Get medical assessment Contact a good no win no fee lawyer After you hire a lawyer, the procedure almost goes on auto-pilot. You will not need to do anything more than stay in touch with him and give him the necessary information when required. He will do everything on your behalf, and after a while you will receive a nice check at your doorstep, the result of a well made accident claim.

The truth is that making an accident claim is easy, especially when getting help from expert no win no fee solicitors.

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