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Africa Equity And The Golden Rule

Things have gone wrong: one will not dispute that. Africa's problems are more rooted in a vicious cycle of misplaced values and low-esteem we have of ourselves.It is not absolutely a matter of research papers, ad hoc bodies, and policy formulations per se. We have been having all that.For Black Africa to get out of its economic problems and human calamities, it certainly deserves a new thought, a renewed African philosophy (in the light of contemporary global culture) and love for humanity. We should stop pretending: our ways are different from others.

The new song across the land should be 'do unto others as you would like them to do unto you'. We should not mouth it. We should live it. It has to do with mutual respect.I guess we are tired of statistical figures and indices being reeled out by global bodies, which are worrisome to say the least.

The realities on the ground experienced by the masses are even worse. It is quite difficult to do a thorough research in this clime.Nobody will help us carry our load.

The grants received so far from foreign donors have not really percolated down to the ordinary black Africans.Let us find something real, lasting and tangible to chew, to move us forward; something new, within us?but subject to mutual understanding and respect with other people of the world.We have made our mistakes in the past. Let us get out of the sustained self-inflicted hardship.We should learn from similar nations how they got out of their economic doldrums. (Countries we share certain peculiarities with).

The pretense must be a thing of the past.The influential ones in our midst should please come down from their tower of Babel and initiate a crusade of love.The problems will have to be solved by Africans themselves. We have a lot to offer ourselves and the rest of the human race. Our young ones are waiting! The rest of the world is waiting!.Let us be courageous.

.Muyiwa Osifuye is a photographer based in Africa Works can be viewed at

By: Muyiwa Osifuye

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