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Ways to Mine Gold From Your Testimonials - One often-overlooked asset of your business is the testimonials you receive from happy, satisfied customers.

My Father Was a Medical Malpractice Victim A True Story - I was 14 years old when my mother came home from the hospital and told me my father had died.

How to Start an Online Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service - Due to the dramatic increase in technology, paralegals now have the ability to outsource their skills and earn extra money working from ho.

Criminal Law A Critical Analysis of the Magistrate Court - Introduction.

Can Informations lawfully be laid by fax in the magistrates court - An article examining whether an information can be laid by fax in the magistrates' court and when proceedings can be said to be instituted.

Celebrex Class Action Suits Regaining Power For The People - The first Celebrex class action suit to be filed is believed to be the one submitted in Illinois, in December 2004.

Understanding Injury Attorneys - Do you ever wonder if the injury attorneys you see on television and billboards across the country are actually the people you speak to when you call the number posted? Most people would assume the answer is no.

Redux Lawyer Discusses FenPhen Fad - In the early nineties, Redux was the original miracle diet pill.

Injuries Sustained from Accidents on Boats - Have you had a particularly sunny day spending time in a boat or yacht that turned awry due to unexpected accident on board and at sea? Well, misfortu.

Substituted Service In California - The following article was written for Resources For Attorneys.

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