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Divorce how to do it yourself - There are some things in life you will surely enjoy doing yourself: building a birdcage, making a sand castle, maybe even something as ambitious as buying a house.

Different Ways to File the Bankruptcy - A bankruptcy is the last option any businessman wants to take.

Keep a Secret Its the Law - Understand Trade Secrets.

Legal Issues of Crashworthiness - Although there are many outside factors in a car accident, one factor that is often downplayed is the crashworthiness of the car.

STOP Collection Harassment - Debt collectors can't actually be specific in their threats because there's a limit to the degree and ways they can legally pursue the debt that you owe.

Automobile Accidents Compensation While Partially at Fault - In California, if you sustain an injury in an automobile accident for which you might be partly at fault, it is important to know that the state law does preserve your right to receive compensation.

Defective Cell Phones May Cause Serious Injury - Defective cell phones may explode or catch fire, leading to serious injury.

Why You Need A Living Will - Jill Russo Foster provides some heartfelt, but practical reasons for preparing a Living Will.

Class Action Lawsuits Can Be Taught - Ever since the anti-smoking campaign really took off, class action lawsuits have become a pretty big deal.

Understanding Constructive Discharge - Wrongful termination is a complicated area of employment law.

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