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Avoid The Disaster Of Delay

You know that you need to make a living trust to protect your heirs. The biggest challenge for most people is actually taking the steps to get it done. Life is so busy and unpredictable. You never know when something may happen that will leave your loved ones dealing with difficult situations that you could have easily prevented. Delay May Lead To The Long Process Of Probate If a loved one dies intestate (without a legal will) or even with a regular will, probate is usually involved. Probate simply means that the will is examined by the courts in order to verify its authenticity.

This process may take a lot of time during which your assets will be unavailable to your chosen heirs. This could create a difficult financial situation for your loved ones who are already mourning a great loss. Leaving Underage Heirs Leads To Even More Problems If you pass on before your heirs reach legal age, their inheritance will be left in trust with an administrator set by the courts to handle the money until they reach the age of 18. Then, upon their becoming legal age, their entire inheritance becomes available, no strings attached. Most 18-year-olds are not mature enough to handle a large amount of money prudently, and many find themselves destitute in no time.

Administrators of the inheritance of a minor are examined by the courts yearly to make sure that they are handling the child's money properly. The administrators often need to hire lawyers to represent them in these matters. This creates a lot of unnecessary paperwork and expense.

It's All About Intentions Most people don't intend to leave their children's inheritance in the hands of a court appointed trustee. Unfortunately, most people don't set up trusts so that their children won't receive the entire amount at a vulnerable age like 18. Setting up a living trust now will ensure that these things will never happen. Get Help and Get It Done Some tips on taking action to prepare your living trust: * With the help of an expert estate planning attorney, investigate how to set up the most appropriate living trust.

* Use your knowledge of how your loved ones deal with money to help you make an educated decision about when they should receive their inheritance, and if there should be any conditions involved. * Choose a trust administrator whom you have faith in to take care of your underaged child's finances. * Protect the ones you love most by making the financial aspects of your death as easy as possible. Get your living trust done today, and all the other aspects of estate planning that are necessary to tie up any loose ends.

Don't let a delay on your part lead to financial disaster and emotional pain for those you love most.

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