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Brain Injuries


Brain injuries due to medical malpractice include hypoxia and untreated/misdiagnosed conditions (such as tumors). The effects of brain injuries from medical malpractice can be severe and lifelong. In some cases, brain injuries will result in the death of the patient.

Some brain injuries related to malpractice occur while the patient is in surgery. Improper administration of anesthesia causes brain injuries by reducing available oxygen, or halting blood flow to the brain entirely. Surgical brain injuries can also occur while the surgeon attempts to correct another problem, but ends up causing brain injuries due to bruising or other surgical trauma.

There are also brain injuries that result from failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis. An individual who suffers brain injuries due to a misdiagnosed or untreated condition may have much more extensive brain injuries than they would have had the doctor properly diagnosed and treated the original problem. Brain injuries from untreated tumors, head trauma, aneurysm, and other conditions can be quite severe, even deadly.

Brain injuries cause speech/sensory impairments, headaches, paralysis, seizure disorders, and memory and concentration deficits. Emotional effects of brain injuries include mood swings, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, and excessive emotional agitation. Even when brain injuries do not result in physical harm, the emotional and cognitive repercussions can be devastating.

Brain injuries completely change the lives of victims and their families, affecting the ability of those suffering brain injuries to work, learn, and interact normally with their families and society in general. Brain injuries occurring through (or resulting from negligence in) medical care may be covered by malpractice law. Brain injuries attributed to malpractice may result in the victim collecting damages. Attorneys specializing in brain injuries may be able to advise you on your legal rights if you suspect medical malpractice.

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