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Car Accident Statistics In Florida

Florida is among popular states when times come to have a holiday or spend a 2 day weekend on a beach. Temperature that allows people to stay in their flip flops and t-shirt attracts even foreign tourists to visit Miami beaches and feel the atmosphere of pure fun and enjoyment. Besides them, there are many students who attend college, visitors from other states who are going to see their relatives.

All these people together represent a big number of vehicles that are on the roads and streets of Florida. The number of vehicles from other states ads up to the car number from the state of Florida, and together they cause 250,000 car accidents in Florida every year. Comparing to statistics of other states in US, that number is above average. From that number of car accidents, there were 3.

169 fatalities in the year of 2004 and that number increased the next year. It is understandable that number increases because the traffic in Florida increases every year with increased number of visitors. The percentage of fatalities is above average, as we said, and there are 43% of them who are in connection to moving objects on the road, such as other cars, motorcycles, tractors, trucks or trailers. That percentage representes the number of 1,260 fatalities for the year 2004 and are all caused by moving vehicles of some sort on the roads and streets of Florida.

Next bigggest cause of car accidents in Florida are cars who hit non-moving or stationary objects such as houses, walls, road signs or trees. They increase the number of totat fatalities by 670 in year 2004. Another type of car accidents are cases where there was only one vehicle included. These accident happen due to improper speed or driving under influence which causes drivers vehicle to steer off the road or roll over. From those kind of accident, there were 270 fatalities in the state of Florida. Biggest causes for high number of Florida car accidents are high number of tourists, which do not know exactly where they are going.

And other cause are people who where driving under the influence of alcohol. The majority of those accidents could be avoided if drivers were more responsible and are taking care of some basic laws. A drunken driver causes 40% of fatal car accidents and a driver that goes too fast causes another 30% of fatalities in Florida car accidents. The rest to the full 100% belongs to the drivers who are too reckless and steer off the road. Drivers themselves make majority of fatalities along with the passengers in their cars, then come the pedestrians and bicyclists. Taking care of some ground rules like not drinking and driving and obeying the speed limits, will keep you and your car passengers safe from being involved in a car accident.

If you find yourself in a car accident and you were not the one who caused it, contact Florida car accident lawyer who has experience with neccesary procedures immediately, so that he can represent your case.

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