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Citizens Lack Personal Responsibility Thanks to Lawyers

Recently I met a young college student who was to become a lawyer. She said that she planned on becoming an attorney for slip and fall injuries. I told her that I hoped she slipped and fell so hard she had amnesia while traveling in Bangladesh. She was taken a back by my comment and asked what my problem is. I said as an entrepreneur, you are, that is to say Lawyers are the biggest problem facing American Business.She indicated that she would be helping people who fell get the representation that they needed.

I indicated to her, that she was full of crap and only cared about making money illegitimately on the backs of hard working businesses. She said that business owners who did not keep up their properties should pay and not be able to get away with things. I said oh, really and I suppose after they are done paying the lawsuit and gone out of business that they would then be able to comply with your version of what was needed? I told her that was pure hokum as there are already regulations for such things and they are enforced and that most of the regulations were in place because of trial lawyer lobbyists to make your extortion tactics to win lawsuits easier? She was a cute gal, about 25 and thought she could easily outwit me?.I asked her; are you saying that no one is to blame for anything? Are you proposing that we continue to relieve the citizens, government or companies of any blame for any action? If so, you will be promoting a very scary future, yet one, which is coming.

Are you to saying you are on-board with new paradigm of the right to be irresponsible?.She retorted back; "Well I do not care what you say, I am going to be a lawyer and I am going to sue people like you!" I said I see, and you will probably make a good one too, you think just like the rest of those scoundrels already and you have not even passed the bar yet. Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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