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Commercial Property law specialist

Buying or leasing a commercial property today can become hassle free only when the buyer knows their property law well. Even they are not familiar with the latest news they need correct legal advice. Our commercial property department is experienced in dealing with commercial property transactions including sales, purchases, assignment of leases, purchases of businesses of going concern and sales and lease back transactions. We provide commercial property solicitors for various different sales. One can get expert advice only with a specialized property lawyer. For property transfer we provide a Conveyancing Solicitor too.

At Duncun & Lewis we have been assisting landlords and their clients to run business in harmony without any litigation. Normally, real estate agents in areas recommend commercial property solicitors who they know. They know the area and are knowledgeable about the laws concerning related properties. Many businesspersons try to reduce the hassles by trying to circumvent legal hassles by only relying on the brokers' advice. The title of the lease or plot has to be clear.

But the right option is to engage commercial property solicitors for it. When you approach a commercial property solicitor at our firm they will take into account the compete details before any sale or purchase or any other transaction is made. Too much emphasis is being given on the protection of the tenants now. A new code was introduced for leasing business premises in UK in March 2007. Sometimes lack of knowledge and not giving due importance to property lawyers can land businesses in trouble.

For every negotiation, we make sure that property conveyancing is done easily, with able assistance from a conveyancing solicitor. A conveyance is a deed (legal document) that conveys a house from the vendor (seller) to the buyer, thereby transferring ownership. For transferring the property in the name of one person to another especially in business premises requires legal assistance. We take it to our credit that we have handled successfully, many such cases. Consider a commercial property solicitor from our firm as an insurance policy against bad decisions. Property owners today do not want long-term tenants and this could mean that some tenants will protest.

Tenants whose business depends on the volatile markets tend to take shorter legal routes. The lease term is important and we are aware of the technical issues faced by our clients. We charge reasonable fees but make sure you remain in business. This is our priority. If are looking for knowledgeable commercial property solicitors or conveyancing solicitors, log on to

uk. Find a wealth of information here apart from the best solicitors.

Sridhar is an experienced writer with expertise in Conveyancing Online, Conveyancing Quote and other House conveyancing.

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