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Conspiracy Hundreds of Small Minority Owned Business Forced Into Closing By City of Tucson Attorney

I am a Disabled American Veteran, with a minority owned business In Tucson, Arizona, I was the owner of Montes Orthopedic for over twenty years. In August of 2005, I was forced out of business by a corrupt city government that still discriminates against minorities and disabled American Veterans. My troubles began at the height of my career, when I was advertising on local TV. I was advertising my custom-made foot orthotic system that corrects the imbalance in a person's feet.

This product allowed me to add small adjustments to the product over a period of time, which provided comfort to my elderly clients.As I began to become famous on TV, I was bombarded by the American Podiatric Board in Phoenix, Arizona. I was sent harsh and threatening letters, which demanded that I show up to their board of review to answer questions as to why I was practicing their type of medicine without a license. After hiring an attorney, who charged me $3500 up front for a retainer, I learned that this total action might cost $10,000.

Unfortunately, I was unable to raise the rest of the money. However, after talking with friends, I was told that I did not need to attend the board meeting because I was not affiliated with their group, which therefore, had no supervision over me. Upon discovering this, I sent the board a letter which explained that I was not in violation of any of their by-laws, and that I was not going to attend the board meeting.

Several months later, I received a letter from the City of Tucson Consumer Affairs Department, which was run by acting attorney Mr. Mike Anderson. It turns out that three of my clients had made complaints of my products over a three year period to the Better Business Bureau. Again, I had to pay an attorney to represent me at a deposition hearing I was told to attend. At the deposition my lawyer accused Mr.

Anderson of launching frivolous actions against me. He said Mr. Anderson was abusing his authority, and stated that if I was brought to court again, he would counter-sue for damages and attorney fees. I did not hear from Mr. Anderson until the day after the death of my attorney.I then went through many depositions at a loss of time and money.

I did not have adequate representation and went through several attorneys. Finally I found a good lawyer that sat with me at my deposition hearings, which were conducted by the now scorned Mr. Anderson.Having been victimized by Mr. Anderson, I was discussing my troubles with several friends.

One of my friends told me that he knew Mr. Anderson through several other business owners. He stated that I was not alone, and that he had knowledge of Anderson's office. He stated that Mike was randomly picking on minority owned businesses that had complaints documented with the Better Business Bureau. He also stated that Mike Anderson was responsible for the closure of hundreds of small business, where people have lost their homes, cars, and families due to Mike's constant financial harassment of these business. I was also told that Mike was once a bailiff at the city courts for several years, and that he had studied to become a legal assistant.

Once he had his certification, politicians in our city government placed him in this newly-formed department, where he was acting as a lawyer. I was also told that Mr. Anderson was involved in the conspiracy and closings of hundreds of small businesses all over town during his time at the City of Tucson Consumer Affairs Department. His strategy was to create a cash cow that extorts monies from the small minority business that generates income for the city courts, prosecutors, and judges, and Mike's department.

The second part of Mr. Anderson's conspiracy was to eliminate these small business, and replace them with new business that would be expecting to pay greater city tax revenues, than minority business currently due presently. I decided to confront Mike at a regularly held deposition meeting.

I accused him of fraudulent misconduct by his department. After several months of not hearing from him, I thought my problems were over. However, a customer told me that a neighbor she had referred to me had told her that she had called the Better Business Bureau and was told by this agency that I was under investigation for fraud by the city attorney's office. Also, all calls about Montes Orthopedic were being forwarded to Mike Anderson.

The three complaints I had documented with the Better Business Bureau were very minimal, but I later learned that the number of complaints had now been raised to over thirty, due to Mr. Anderson's fraudulent tactics. In preparation for a law suit with the City of Tucson, I hired a private detective to tape conversations with the Better Business Bureau. Now I had transcripts of the tapes for evidence in my case.

I soon ended my fight to sue, due to a lack of funds from my declining business. Later when customers were told that I was under investigation, they called me to ask for their money. I told them that I was sorry that their confidence had been shaken by what the Better Business Bureau was saying about me.

My only recourse was to say that Mr. Anderson was guilty of fraudulent schemes, conspiracy to commit fraud against minority own business, and that I had proof of his wrong-doing.I was still mad at the Better Business Bureau, so I called and made a complaint about their misconduct. I said that I would not be answering any more complaints, and that they should stop sending me any more complaints. In a further attempt to stop them, I threatened them with a law suit.

To date, I have not received any more complaints, although my business is still listed with them as non-satisfactory.In looking for a cassation attorney, I called the National Bar Association look for a law firm to represent the many minority business that were forced out of business by the City of Tucson Attorneys Office. I was given a phone number at random in the City of San Diego, California. I was asked what the nature of my call was.

After I had explained how I had been victimize by the City of Tucson Attorneys Office, the lady I was talking to said that she was shocked to hear this, because this conspiracy was now going on in the City of San Diego, California, and being directed towards minority owned business as well by their City Attorneys Office. I have the lady's contact information.Proof that there is conspiracy in my City of Tucson government.

A City employee, nicked named Red & Speedy Gonzales, was a well liked employee. He was well known by his bosses, and supervisors to achieve fast and good work. When ever a supervisor had a emergency, leaking water pipe in a neighborhood, they asked Red to go fix it. He was called to fix small critical problems because of his speed, both on getting to the work job, and in repairing the what needed to be repaired.This City employee suffered from ADHD, which caused him an anxiety, which in turn caused him to be in a numerous amount of small accidents with his City truck in the yard and in other areas around town that had been assigned to him. These numerous amount of small accidents were common knowledge of most of his co-workers.

Co-workers were aware of his consistent mishaps evolving his City truck and city equipment.On his way to an emergency repair job, Red was racing to the job site in his assigned city truck. While driving at a high rate of speed headed east on 22nd street, approaching Pantano Rd. In Tucson.

He was suddenly faced with the problem of traffic that had backed up at the light. Due to the speed that he was traveling at, too and from jobs which earned him made him a favorite with several of his supervisors. But this one day while he was traveling at the high rate of speed, he was approaching the downward hill just before getting to the light, he suddenly noticed the backed up traffic at the light. He began to swerve, and break.

Not able to control his city vehicle on his downward approach, he jumped the concrete median separating both sides of a 6 lane street, (3 lanes east & 3 lanes west) crashing head on into a car, killing 4 generations of women in one family. Infant girl, mother to infant girl & and daughter her mother, and grandmother.The City, quickly had the truck towed to their other compound for testing, and not the compound of origin, where a lot of the city employees would have spoke up about this mans bad driving record involving his truck , and city owned equipment. Testing reveled that it was break failure that lead to this accident. Once at the other compound, evidence was tamper with to prove there evidence in this case.

The City of Tucson settled this case for a meager amount of money, which there attorney got almost half of the settlement. The amount for 4 lives was about a little over $ 300,000.00.

The second part of this conspiracy was in the tampering of evidence. All records doctored to show what a good driver Red was, and conspiracy by our State Motor Vehicle Division, to tamper with this employees driving record was also done to protect this employee. Monies were given to this employee to disappear, and start a new life.In another separate case of conspiracy by the City of Tucson, was an incident that happened at the Water Department. On the south side of Tucson, a hole was dug to place a man-hole to reach pipes under the streets. Some kids were injured while playing, so an emergency call was reported to the Water Department.

An older gentleman by the name of Mr. Valenzuela who was in charge of the compound tool shed, from where all hand tools such as gas weedeaters, gas lawn mowers, gas hedge trimmers, wheelbarrows, and other hand tools were dispensed daily to the crews in charge of maintenance around City of Tucson water well compounds.A head supervisor over the crews, and employees in the compound was looking for someone to operate the front end loader, and to go fill in the hole. After an excused search he could not find anyone qualified to operate the front end loader. So he ordered Mr.

Valenzuela to take drive the heavy duty equipment out to that work site, even though Mr. Valenzuela had no prior knowledge of that equipment. An argument ensued over the use of the equipment, where Mr. Valenzuela was forced to get on the heavy duty equipment and drive across town to fill in the hole, or loose his job.

Once he was at the work site, he proceeded to go down the steep embankment of the cannel where the front end loader flipped over and killed him. Immediately after his death, conspiracy to doctor records ensued, where the City of Tucson proved that Mr. Valenzuela had prior knowledge of equipment. Pre-administered dates, and signatures were placed on tests and forms certifying him as an operator of heavy duty equipment, he had mysteriously be promoted in addition prior to this incident to show proof of his experience with the equipment.

This conspiracy carried over to the City of Tucson Finance Department to show his pay grade for his new promotion prior to his death.I am looking for an attorney to expose my City of Tucson Government and their fraudulent schemes. Please contact me if it is, or if you need more information about these allegations in my story.My State is currently showing a surplus of revenues in the amount of $ 850 million dollars, I feel that my State can afford to compensate all the people that have wrongfully hurt by both City, and State Government.

After all it is at the misery of so many people that or State of Arizona has been able to show such a high surplus of monies, where other States are in debt. And are on the edge of facing bankruptcies. Like in San Diego, California.

Please contact me if you can help at:

.X-owner of Montes Orthopedic, defender of the weak, fighter for civil rights, movment to legalize freedom.

By: Steven Montes

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