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Don't get me wrong - I am a huge dog lover. They are the greatest friends that I know of. Currently I own two Golden Retrievers (they're beautiful), and I've owned dogs my entire life. Dogs may be domesticated, but they are still animals and they can still inflict severe injuries on people if given a chance. My experience is that some dogs, trusted to be friendly, have caused serious harm to innocent children. California law states that dog owners are strictly liable for any injuries or death caused by dog bites.

The dog may have never been aggressive towards people or dogs, nor bitten anyone; it doesn't matter. A dog can not be excused for their first bite! As an owner, should your dog bite a person, you may be held liable not only for all past and future medical bills but also for loss of past and future earnings as well as for pain, suffering, and emotional distress. It can be financially devastating to the victim and the dog owner. Additionally, you can be deemed grossly negligent if you know of your dog's viscous personality, and fail to take the necessary precautions. You will be held responsible for punitive damages, that can be massive! I see the same breeds multiple times, in my practice, that seem to be more prone to attacking people. Children are more prone to be bitten than adults.

The breeds of dog included are German Shepherds, Chows, German Shepherd mixes, Pit Bulls, Akitas and Dalmatians. Most homeowners insurance covers injuries caused by household pets, but now some companies are leaving out the dogs mentioned above, because of their bad track record. Check with your insurance company to make certain that your dog breed is included in your coverage.

If your dog breed is excluded by your insurance company, you will be completely responsible for any injuries caused by your dog. If you happen to be a homeowner with a dog (especially large breeds) you have to use caution, and constitute common sense at all times, to prevent ever having a dog attack issue. Here are some helpful tips: 1. Dogs should always be on a leash and walked by an adult who can properly handle the animal. 2.

Seek professional training for your dog. 3. Make sure the area your dog is in is properly fenced at all times. Fencing should be tall enough, void of holes underneath, and gates should be locked. 4. Dogs should be kept away from your guests and children.

5. Verify that all windows and screen doors are secure. (I once had a case where a dog bolted through a torn screen door and attacked a child.

) 6. Confirm that your dog has been fully vaccinated. 7. Be sure to do your research on your dog breeder before purchasing a dog. It'd be best to get the breeder's references.

You might find out that a breeder has a bad history of breeding fighting dogs 8. Do not let anyone put his or her face close to the dog's face. Getting bit by a dog can be expensive and make a bad situation for all involved. Any dog that you thought was friendly could end up being aggressive, so use common sense and be cautious around all dogs.

One of the most highly qualified personal injury and California lemon law attorney Barry Edzant knows just what to do following a bog bite incident. Over the years Barry has developed a specialty as a Los Angeles car accident lawyer and as a result truly understands a client's needs when dealing with a personal injury claim.

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