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Personal Injury | Your Right to Compensation


People suffer personal injury every day through road traffic accidents, slips and falls at work and through medical negligence. Many of these accidents are one's own fault, yet a vast majority are due to the negligence of others that may have caused you personal injury either directly or indirectly, lending grounds for compensation.

Some of the more serious injuries include: head injury, neck injury (whiplash), back injury, and leg injury, although those with seemingly minor injuries to other parts of the body may also be able to claim for their pain and suffering. In addition to receiving funds directly for the injury, you may also be eligible for compensation due to loss of earnings if you can no longer do your job.

The head and neck are particularly vulnerable and if you have been injured here, you should get your injury checked out as soon as possible. As far as whiplash is concerned, perhaps the most common road accident injury, your injury may seem trivial but problems can occur in the future. What started as a dull, yet niggling, ache may become more severe in time owing to damaged muscles, ligaments, or bones.

If you are thinking of trying for compensation, it is a good idea not to go back to work until you have spoken to a personal injury lawyer, as this may run against you in any court case; they may argue that you were fit enough to carry on working after your accident.

As far as the UK is concerned, those who have sustained personal injury at the hands of others must file a lawsuit within three years of the injury or risk losing out altogether. The first thing you should do is to speak to a personal injury lawyer with experience in dealing with personal injury cases.

It's also worth noting that many law firms operate on a no win, no fee basis nowadays, meaning you have nothing to lose should you not be successful in winning compensation. In addition, and also in your favour, even if you do win compensation for your injury, your personal injury solicitor will claim their fee from the defence and not from the compensation you have been awarded.

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