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Innate Meaning of Justice

It may be too philosophical to define and explain the word "justice" in this very piece of paper. The general purpose of this paper is not to defense a thesis pertaining justice, but to express the opinion; fresh, innocent on the term "justice." What is it; simply, from the author's heart.Almost everyone from cradle to grave, from the crowned to those living under the poverty line, is somehow conscious of the term "justice"; moreover, they all show positive attitudes toward this total term.

From the time of Socrates to the contemporary scholars and up to the present, justice has been one of the most heated debate topics. The author, in reason for writing this paper, is to attend such the discussion forum.I.

Justice is Personal Satisfaction.No matter how much one gains as the result of one's hardship, those gains will never calm down or satisfy one's needs, if one states that "it is not enough or not on par with one's hardship." To a larger extend than this, even the world judges that "what you gain is fair"; you will never spiritually satisfy with that judgment, unless you claim by yourself that it is just.

Viewing the above explanation, justice is rather the matter of personal and spiritual choice of individual and nothing to do with "worlds arisen from the juristic person." This is one of the reasons that almost all religions in the world teach its devotees to satisfy with what they own and release materialism. Lessons from Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and John Lock all took indirect hints into this philosophy.

No matter how the world develops toward materialism, justice will never be gained, unless it is not arisen from individuals' judgments.II. Justice is Personal Stance.

In short, if a robber thinks that robbing other people is justice, they can do it; however, he or she must realize that the judge who issues life sentence or death penalty to him or her is just too. In this sense, justice does bear "contrast value;" justice from robber is different to that from the judge; likewise, the justice from the ruler and the ruled.One will never see justice in this life, if one does not invest his or her brain to think about this.

The books written by Ancient Greek, contemporary and technology-world scholars and just this piece of paper of mind will never be the answer.Everyone already has many books and subliminal information in him or her, so use those resources to participation in "finding-justice forum.".


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By: Vicheka Lay

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