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You've finally done it. You bought that car that you've been looking at and thinking about for months. It's all very exciting, right? Well, that's what we hope for anyway. But what happens if that car turns out to be a "lemon".

I know, this is something no one wants to think about, but unfortunately, it happens. The good thing is that you're not without recourse. All fifty states have adopted some form of the lemon law that is written to protect people exactly like you. Since this law can vary from state to state, if you find yourself in this unfortunate position,the first thing you should do is contact a law lemon lawyer in your state.Finding a law lemon lawyer that is familiar with the particular way your state operates when it comes to the lemon law is critical in ultimately winning your claim. This lawyer can evaluate your case and give you an honest opinion as to whether or not you even have a claim in the first place.

If you do, there are many steps that will need to be taken to prove it. The law lemon lawyer should be able to advise you on just what these steps are. Some of these steps will include documentation of all problems and repairs that will need to be kept detailed and complete. Invoices and receipts will need to be filed.

Conversations with the dealership will need to be documented. In most states, your car needs to have been out of service for at least 30 days of the year before they will even consider it a lemon. If you have kept a record of all repairs and dates that your car has been in the shop, this will be much easier to prove than if you rely on the dealership.Since these steps can prove to be time consuming and the entire process can be pretty drawn out, enter into this process knowing that you will need to be diligent and accept that it will take time. Having a law lemon lawyer for this process can help to expedite that process, though, and that in and of itself can make it worth your while.

In some states, if you win your case, the lawyer fees will be included in your settlement anyway. If you lose, however, you will be responsible for all attorneys' fees.

.By Ray Walker
Lemon Law Information.

By: Ray Walker

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