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Manufacturing Your Invention

Unless you're able to license your invention right away, you will need to seek out invention manufacturing services. It is possible that even if you do license your invention, you will still be responsible for finding an adequate manufacturer. Obviously, you need to sell your invention in multiple units to make the most from it. So you need to find a way to make these multiple units efficiently and inexpensively. As I'm sure you realize, you don't need your own factory to manufacture your invention.

You may use a single manufacturing company or multiple companies depending on the complexity of your invention. When using a multiple source, it is helpful if one of the sources agrees to assemble the finished product; otherwise, you will need to outsource the assembly of the parts. Visiting and researching a number of invention manufacturing service providers will help you uncover the lowest cost, highest quality method for making your invention in bulk. For example, should you use a plastic injection mold? Or should it be steel? Or aluminum? It is important for you to stay within your budget.

Therefore, you must have an idea of how many units you expect to sell. This is called a forecasting. In the early stages, when you initially launch your invention to the marketplace, you may want to (or need to) start out small. But if your invention is a wild success, you will need more of your product made quickly. Be sure the invention manufacturing service provider can accommodate this situation in a reasonable manner.

Keep in mind you will also need a warehouse to store your inventory. Some manufacturing services will store your completed product for you; otherwise you will need to find a separate warehouse. Lastly, you will need your manufacturers to sign a non-disclosure agreement before you ever disclose your invention to them.

In addition, when you decide on a particular invention manufacturing service, new ideas may spring up as you work out the details of manufacturing. Be sure you get a signed document stating any ideas that develop during this manufacturing process will belong to you.

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