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The Truth Behind Personal Injury Treatments


Lawsuit Cash Advance, LLC is in the business of helping people who have personal injury claims. Through this business, Lawsuit Cash Advance, LLC has learned some important facts about plaintiffs, their claims, and their injuries.

Plaintiffs who are injured in auto accidents, on the job, on premises, or other unfortunate events will seek treatment for their injuries. Every injured claimant should know that the first visit to a care provider might be the most important step with regard to their claim. On the first visit, the initial diagnosis will greatly define the extent of the injuries. For seriously injured claimants with broken bones and/or lacerations, the injuries are obvious and often severe. On the other hand, injured claimants who sustain less serious but sometimes equally as painful injuries such as strains and sprains, disc bulges and herniations, the diagnoses are not so clear and the treatment prescribed is less obvious.

Plaintiffs that fall into the category of less serious injuries often seek therapy from chiropractic centers and/or other rehabilitation services. While these practitioners often provide relief and speed the recovery from injury, claimants must be careful not to over treat their injuries.

Why is this a problem?

Over treatment of an injury will reduce the amount of settlement proceeds that you should receive.

Here is how it works. Let's say that you have sustained a strained back that includes some disc bulge. As long as there are not any highly irregular circumstances, the defendant insurance company will have a pre-determined amount that they will be willing to settle for. This amount is not going to change much during the settlement negotiation. In the meantime, if you continue to treat and treat the injury, the medical bills will increase and increase. It is NOT true that the larger the medical bills, the larger the settlement. It depends greatly on the type of treatment. Therefore, as the amount due to the chiropractic center increases, less of the settlement will be available for you, the claimant.

Lawsuit Cash Advance's advice to claimants - treat your injuries, get the help you need, including treatment at the chiropractic clinics and rehabilitation centers, but do not abuse and over treat, and lose out on your settlement.

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