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Read This Article if You Want to Stop Lawyers

Not a day goes by that someone you know isn't threatened by someone that they are going to sue; "I am going to sue you they say!" People get very afraid as no one wants to be sued and even if they did nothing wrong, they still have to defend it. Stupid little lawsuits can be defended and discharged easily if they are frivolous for about $1200 to $5,000, which is easy enough. But what if you are in a small business and you need the money for payroll, expansion or advertising? You see the problem? This is why so many people keep reciting that line from Shakespeare when Caesar said; "The first thing we do, we kill all the lawyers!".Once we had a franchisee who was sued by an employee who hurt his finger at the carwash and then did not show up for two-weeks, told no one and then he was served with a lawsuit. The employee had only worked there for two-days. The lawsuit went on for about six months and cost our franchisee about $22,000 and thankfully the lawsuit was won by our franchisee.

Good news right? Well, not if you consider the $22,000 he lost at a time when he was going to add on awnings to his detail center to detail twice as many cars. That would have brought him in $20,000 per month.With the extra money he could have hired three new people and eventually bought another location on the other side of town and hired 25 more people, thus providing jobs. You see when Lawyers become a vehicle for unscrupulous people to harass and terrorize businesses and citizens, everyone loses and of course this is why everyone wants to ge rid of all the lawyers. Think on this.


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By: Lance Winslow

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