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Skyrocket Your Injury Claim In Days Or Less

Is it possible to complete 50% of your injury claim in 7 days or less?.It is possible if you follow simple guidelines, but only if you follow these simple steps over the next 7 days will you see results.Here's a definite guide to get your personal injury claim kick-started:.

Day 1 - Complete an online injury compensation claim form. Fill in your details and submit your application.The more details you can fill in the better, as this will eliminate some time, probably 24 - 48 hours. However an email address is essential if you want to monitor your progress over the next 7 days. Alternatively even if you make a call you still shouldn't have a problem to see results.

Within 24 hours excluding weekends or bank holidays, a compensation solicitor will ring to confirm your details. Once theses details are complete, just 20 - 30 minutes of your time, you should receive some paperwork through the post the following day.Day 2 - You will receive a conditional fee agreement (CFA), with attached medical consent forms. As again fill in the blanks, not much, sign on the pages indicated and post the documents back into the post.The paperwork might seem too technical, as it will be.

However don't fret if you don't understand the lingo. Ring the injury solicitor who sent you the documentation and they will explain any line necessary.Even if it's a single sentence that is confusing you, give them a call.

Day 3 - If the paperwork is received, then brilliant, you have just completed 50% of your injury compensation claim. If not you may need an extra day or two.Day 4 to 7 - Paperwork is received and you have completed 50% of your claim. Now that completes 50% of your accident claim, what about the remaining 50%.The next 20% is allocated to your medical examination if you require one.

This also is made payable by the injury solicitor in-charge.The remaining 30% is what is called the waiting game. This is where the solicitor will do behind the scene work. Such as make the necessary phone calls, negotiate a compensation figure on your behalf, write letters to the insurance companies involved etc.

But this is something you don't need to worry about for accident injury claim. The only stages you need to work about is the first 50% which gets completed within 7 days or less as you will see.Why 7 Days??.If the post office where up to notch with their service then it can be completed within 4 - 5 days, but the extra days are for them to get their act together and post your personal injury claim documents on time.The next 20% as mentioned is for your medical attention.

Nothing drastic, just an examination to indicate the worth of your injury claim. This doesn't really last more than 30 minutes.So in total you require just under an hour of your time for your compensation claim to be on it's way. You don't need to worry about the rest, as it is take care of the solicitor in-charge. No need to lose your sleep over it!.Cases can be settled within 3 months, but it all boils down to you.

The faster you response, the quicker you will see your money.

.It's easy to be fooled into an injury claim. Make no mistake about your personal injury claim, get a kick-start at http://www. Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Mumtaz Shah

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