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Student Teacher Learning Contract

Below is a sample contract designed to assist English language teachers with classroom management, particularly with senior students and can also be used as a template for those students studying law or business. You can copy and reproduce this if you wish it is not intended to be used as a legal document.Student teacher Contract.Purpose:.The purpose of this agreement is to insure the student and teacher understand their responsibilities towards each other and the class as a whole, in regards to facilitating the optimum learning environment, inside and outside the classroom.Legality:.

This agreement is a morally binding, bilateral contract. It is not intended that this be a legally binding agreement.Definitions:.? _____________________School; hereinafter referred to as; the school, means the person whos signature appears on this agreement in relation to the heading, '__________________ School' or a senior employee duly appointed be the same.

? The Teacher; hereinafter referred to as 'the teacher', means the person whos signature appears on this agreement in relation to the heading, 'The Teacher'.? The Student; hereinafter referred to as 'the student', means the person whos signature appears on this agreement in relation to the heading, 'The Student'.? The Parent; For the purpose of this agreement 'the parent' means the legal guardian of 'the student' as referred too above, in this agreement. And has the same meaning as 'the student' where the student is a minor.Arbitration:.

The school agrees to act as the arbitrator in the event that any part of this agreement comes under dispute.Terms:.The Teacher agrees to do the following:.

1. Always respect the student.2.

Provide classes that are relevant to the subject, and the student's needs.3. Always start and finish classes on time, when possible.4. Provide the best preparation possible for exams.5.

Be aware of the student's comprehension of the tasks given and not to criticize lack of comprehension.6. Facilitate the best possible learning environment for the student.7.

Always be fair in the application of the school's disciplinary policy.8. Be open to suggestions in regards to the application of this contract, from all parties named in this agreement.9.

Provide home work in quantity and content the will challenge the student and encourage him/her to improve their proficiency in the subject being taught.10. Not to discuss personal details about the student without his/her consent, with parties not named in this agreement.The student agrees to do the following:.1. Always respect the Teacher.

2. Have faith in the belief that the lessons being taught by the teacher are relevant to the subject and the students needs.3. Strive to understand the instructions given by the teacher, by listening and asking questions,(raise hand) if the instructions aren't understood.4.

Always be prepared to start and finish class on time.5. To assist the teacher in providing the best possible learning environment for the student and the class as a whole.6.

Except suggestions for improvement from the teacher, knowing that they are given in order to assist the student with learning.7. Make every effort possible to complete home work and all assignments given to the student.

8. To except any discipline given to the student by the teacher, providing it is within the guidelines as set out in the schools disciplinary procedures.9. Prepare as thoroughly as possible for exams.

10. To discuss matters concerning the teacher, only with the parties named in this agreement.Disputes:.

All parties have the right to dispute this agreement. In the event that any party within this agreement wishes to dispute any part of this agreement or the application of it.They may within 7 days of the event, apply in writing to the arbitrator, quoting the part of the agreement they wish to dispute and ask for a meeting with the arbitrator to discuss the event.Agreement:.All parties whos name and signature appear hereunder agree to be morally bound by this agreement, from this date; ____ day of __________, Two thousand and ______._____________________ School : ________________ ______________.

First name, last name signature.The Teacher: ________________ ______________.First name, last name signature.The Student: ________________ ______________.First name, last name signature.The parent: ________________ ______________.

First name, last name signature.

.The above article was produced by Bill Boyd as of one of the many training and mentoring projects that are part of the activity based training programs provided for free at: Go there now take action! It's free! Over 12 hrs of videos for those Audio/Visual learners.

By: Bill Boyd

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